Churches and Cathedrals of Barcelona

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What to see and visit in the Province of Barcelona?

These are some churches that you can see and visit in the different neighborhoods of Barcelona

Gothic Quarter

Basilica of Santa María del Mar (Pl. Santa María del Mar): It is the church most loved by the people of Barcelona, ​​it is in the Catalan baroque style, it was built thanks to the donations of merchants and shipowners. It has impressive acoustics, in fact important concerts are made in it.

Basilica of the Merçé (Pl. De la Merced): it is located near the port Vell, late Gothic style. XIII, in the eighteenth century it was restored in baroque style.

Chapel of Santa Agata, 15th century, located inside the Palacio Real Mayor, in Plaçadel Rei. It is also known by the name of CapillaReal. It is located exactly on the Roman Wall and was ordered to be built by King Jaime II and his wife Blanca d'Anjou. Adestacar: the altarpiece of the Constable, made by Jaume Huguet in the 15th century, is one of the icons of Catalan painting.

Barcelona's cathedral (Pl de la Catedral): construction began on the remains of a Roman church and a mosque in 1298 and was completed in the s. XIX. It is in the Gothic-Catalan style, but inside there is still a chapel in Romanesque style, Capilla de Santa Lucía. Below the High Altar, there is the crypt of Santa Eulalia, patron saint of Barcelona. The alabaster sarcophagus is very interesting. The Cloister is Gothic. The Sacristy Museum keeps very old and valuable objects: a baptismal font from the 11th century, carpets, liturgical objects, ... The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament houses the crucifix of Cristo de Lepanto from the s. XVI.

Pedralbes neighborhood

Monastery of Santa María de Pedralbes (Bajadadel Monasterio, 9, Tel .: 932 801 434).

Eixample neighborhood

Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia

(Pl.Sagrada Familia): built by Antoni Gaudí on a neo-Gothic church, which he was in charge of reforming and completely changing the style, when he commissioned the work in 1883. This cathedral is of Modernist style, of an impressive genius and originality, completely innovative and made it world famous not yet finished. It remained unfinished for years and has been built over time and with donations and public subscriptions, but strictly following the plans and designs of the brilliant architect.

Church of the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of Our Lady

(c / Aragón / Lauria) It is from the 14th century, cloister s. XV-XVI.Barcelona is the City of the Immaculate and this church is the titular temple of said virgin.

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