20 Hacks to Keep Your Fridge Clean and Organized

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In a kitchen, there is nothing worse than a chaotic and poorly organized fridge (forgotten food, others expired, time wasted looking for things ... and that not to mention how it affects the time of feeding children, cooking, or even making the list of the purchase).

Here are 20 excellent tricks to keep our fridge clean and organized:

1.- Store things in baskets


2.- Use labels to classify the baskets


3.- Label the far doors

4.- Cover the far interior with an easy-to-clean tablecloth


5.- Keep milk and other dairy foods out of the door (The temperature changes a lot in the doorway, which can make our milk and other dairy products expire earlier).


6.- Glass jars are the best containers for storing salads (thus, they will last an average of 1-2 weeks).


7.- Keep meat and fish in the lower part of the fridge to prevent unwanted drips

8.- Use tuppers to store packaged foods once opened in order to prevent them from aromatizing our entire fridge


9.- Turn the fridge cleaning process into a game for children

10.- Use a magnetic marker for the fridge to write notes


11.- Use a rotating island to never leave things on the bottom


12.- Use these accessories to prevent wine bottles from moving in the fridge


13.- Use a paper clip to save space when storing beer


14.- The baskets work just as well in the freezer as in the fridge


15.- Use magazine organizers as shelves for the freezer


16.- Know what foods are not necessary to keep in the fridge: potatoes, tomatoes, onions

17.- Use a basket for foods that are going to expire earlier in order to prevent them from expiring


18.- Before going shopping, take a picture of your fridge to find out what you need

19.- Keep a bottle of activated carbon in the fridge to absorb odors


20.- Have a tape or adhesive paper tape and a marker to add the dates on which we open the containers

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