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Sabine, masculine name of Roman origin; alludes to an ancient town in Central Italy belonging to the Sabelio group; According to tradition, the followers of Romulus (the 1st Roman king) kidnap the Sabine women and the Sabine women go in search of them; When meeting lassabinas appear to fight with newborn children in their arms, it was enough for the reconciliation of both peoples. This union signified the origin of the city of Rome.

Sabine it means "He who is from the town of the Sabine women".

History and the Saint

Saint Sabino, bishop and martyr
. Sabino was bishop of Assisi, when the Sabino court called him to appear and explain why he tells the people to stop worshiping their gods to do it for a dead man "JesusBefore his strict answers in his Christian faith and refusing to put himself at the service of what he considered false gods, the court orders to cut off his hands and imprison him, even before the tradition that he performed miracles has been delayed.

His Saint is celebrated on December 30.

Other Santos Sabino: San Sabino, martyr is celebrated on January 25, March 13 and July 20; San Sabino, bishop on February 9 and December 11

Variant of Sabino:

Sabino female variants Sabina.

Sabine in other languages:

  • Catalan: I knew.
  • French: Sabin.
  • English: Sabin.
  • Italian: Savino, Sabino.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Sabino:

  • SabinoArana Goiri, was born in Abando, Vizcaya in the year 1865; the politician who founded Basque nationalism.

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