The Everis Foundation announces the Entrepreneur 2020 awards

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Entrepreneur Awards 2020

Until 03/31/2015 you can compete for this prestigious award, whose winner will receive € 60,000 in cash plus an additional € 10,000 in support services provided by i-deals, a company promoted by the Everis consulting firm specialized in assessing and commercializing technological innovations .


Well understood that the borders between the different fields of action tend to be increasingly blurred due to the convergence and interaction of the basic technologies associated with each discipline, the proposals of ideas that opt ​​for the award must have as their objective the implementation of a technological, management, social or environmental innovation, framed in the following fields or categories:

  • Information technology and digital economy
  • Biotechnology and health (including medical devices, drugs, eHealth and mHealth)
  • Industrial or energy technologies (including the field of Smart cities)

Analyzing the bases of the call, two aspects related to the form of presentation of the candidate projects for the award have caught my attention: the obligation to present the same under the CANVAS business model format and include a 5-minute exhibition video .

Regarding the first aspect, a tool, which Javier Megías calls “the canvas of business models”, I recommend visiting and following this author's magnificent blog on strategic innovation, one of the best I know, which includes, in addition to a brief theoretical introduction, the practical example of the CANVAS model applied to NESPRESSO.

But the first person I heard about the CANVAS model was my friend, and no less admired for that, XaviCamps. In this link you can see a masterful visual presentation of the business model of SouthwestAirlines . From his blog I have borrowed the image above. By the way, I take these lines to congratulate you on your recent HR Blogosphere award.

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