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The Jockey restaurant is a first-rate institution in Madrid. Beyond restoration, for forty years it has been a myth of luxury, good food, reserved for the country's social elite and our most distinguished visitors.

Jockeyy Horcher They belong to a generation of Madrid restaurants representing the highest expression of Madrid's gastronomic luxury. Clodoaldo Cortés, founder of Jockey in 1945, brought under his arm his elite experience at the 'HotelRitz' or at Alfonso XIII in Seville. Names such as Clemencio Fuentes have contributed to the gastronomic myth of Jockey, and an institutional and political environment has put the most important lunches and gala dinners in the country in the hands of this restaurant.

Forty years of national leadership with haute cuisine - according to some French and according to others Castiza - weigh heavily on today's Jockey. The truth is that even Paul Bocouse himself and many others were surprised by the magic of Jockey, sometimes just by trying his "Jockey calluses".

Like the Horcher, the card follows a conventional structure that excites its fans and encourages criticism from its opponents. The undeniable quality and professionalism are important assets to solve a cuisine of traditional cut to perfection, which for decades has captured the best genre that arrived in the capital of Spain.

Esteban Sánchez continues to present well-resolved traditional cuisine with excellent genre. His current most unanimously recognized contribution is hunting, superbly prepared. Its conservatism does not lead to recognition in critics or guides to use.

Excellent service led by Miguel Pozo. Extensive wine list with more than 600 references from all over the world, very well selected, prices in line.

It has a catering service.

Google Maps address and phone
Amadorde los Ríos, 6. (28010 Madrid). Tel: 913 192 435


Stephen Sanchez

Menu / Recommended dishes

Marrow with potato, foie and champagne sauce. Crab tails with crusts of fried bread. Tuna salad marinated with green pepper. Green lobster salad with walnuts Raw prawns in caviar with fresh cream. Roasted turbot with crunchy vegetables Pickled partridge with Oloroso gelée. Pularda roasted on the brooch. Venison sirloin with sweet crumbs to P.X. Caramelised amaretto or seasonal fruit crêps. Cold coffee soufflé.

Other data of interest:

Closed in August, on Sundays and holidays.
Gentlemen must wear a jacket and tie to access the restaurant.
Valet parking.

Jockey Restaurant rating in gastronomy guides
Michelin Guide Gourmetour Guide Campsa Guide
-7.751 Sun

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