Spray that eliminates bacteria from kitchens

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Scientists use nanotechnology to create a kitchen spray that kills bacteria

Researchers at the University of Lincoln have helped create a new "nanotechnology" that should keep diners safe from food poisoning.

Experts from Holbeach's National Center for Food Manufacturing have been working with Nottingham Trent University to design an antimicrobial spray coating for kitchen surfaces.

And now they claim to be almost ready to show how it makes bacteria, such as E. coli, listeria, and salmonella, disappear. "This particular project involves embedding a chemical compound in food surface materials or applying layers with a spray to help keep microbes at bay," said Mark Swainson, senior professor of food manufacturing. “We cannot say that it kills everything, but it does kill or inhibit many microbes. We have specifically looked at pathogens that affect food, such as E. coli, listeria and salmonella ”.

The new technology is the culmination of three years of work between Nottingham nanotechnology expert Dr Fengge Gao and the university's department. "Dr. Gao was thinking about how to apply his research to a broader range of industries, and since we are involved in food research, it seemed like a natural fit," Swainson said. “We started by initially investigating the manufacture of food packaging; and that is an idea that is currently in the process of being commercialized ”.

“Next, we focused on how it could be applied to all food preparation surfaces. Now, we are in the product testing stage - laboratory and factory tests - in which we hope to show that everything works before it goes on the market "
According to Dr. Gao, if all goes well in testing, successful development could lead to immediate commercial application, as the technology does not require sophisticated manufacturing equipment and is therefore suitable for both small and small. medium-sized companies, in addition to large manufacturers.

Source: This is Lincolnshire

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