Joke short to laugh

Here are the best jokes to laugh, short of course. To die laughing, to kill yourself laughing, whatever you prefer, you are in the right place.


  • -Mom, mom, do the chocolates fly? -No son, why? -Then I have eaten a cockroach.
  • -A drunk is walking down the street and a taxi driver looks at him and says: - A race? - Noooo, you beat me!
  • -What is the best treatment for a heart attack? Cover your eyes, because eyes that do not see heart that does not feel.
  • - Where is the other half of the Middle East?
  • -Why are there large walls in cemeteries? -Because people are dying to get in there.
  • -A boy arrives and asks his friend: -Did you see the blackout last night? And he answers: -No, the power went out in my house.
  • -Do you speak English? -How do you say? -Do you speak English? -I don't understand it! -I ask you if you speak English. -Oh yes, perfectly!
  • - She was such a fat lady, but so fat, that when she appeared on television, she appeared on all channels.
  • -A child was born so ugly that the doctor slapped the mother.
  • -When finally, the girl of my dreams called me, she said: -Come to my house there is no one and when I went it was true.
  • -He was such an honest man, so honored that when he found a job he returned it

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