Moley the robot that cooks imitating the best chefs

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Will this be the kitchen robot that will unseat the Thermomix?

Moley is the first kitchen robot capable of preparing the recipes of great chefs. Its creator Mark Oleynik had a vision of a kitchen that could replicate the dishes of the best chefs in the world.

Oleynik's idea was to propose a normal kitchen with everything you need that also includes two high precision robotic arms capable of cooking like great chefs, in this way anyone could eat dishes designed by the best chefs in the world.

According to Oleynik, the secret of a great chef is his creativity and that is irreplaceable, but once the recipe is created, if we have the ingredients, the technique and know the processes and movements to execute it, we could reproduce it, and that is what Moley does, Capture the chefs' movements with a three-dimensional camera system that is recorded and then translated into body language for the robot to reproduce.

Tim Anderson, the winner of the British Master Chef in 2011 registered the first recipe, made a crab soup connected to motion sensors that the robot can reproduce with identical results.

At the moment the robot grinds, removes, plates and they plan that it can also chop and clean autonomously. An application will allow you to operate the robot and have access to a recipe book from which we can download recipes and order the robot to make them at any time we want. If we don't have the ingredients, the robot can ask for them.

Another peculiarity of the product is that robotic function is optional, that is, you can choose to cook your robot or cook yourself. If you feel like cooking, the robotic arms do not unfold and you can use the kitchen in the usual way.

The device is under development so it does not yet have a purchase price but the intention of the company that develops it is that it falls within the current price range of kitchens.

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If you get one when they are available, tell us!

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