Leeds, Capital of West Yorkshire

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Leeds has everything a large city needs to have. It is very complicated and I always get lost in it (I have no doubt that the people of Leeds handle themselves very well).

It has a population of almost half a million. It has two universities and a University College in addition to large hospitals. One named 'St James' or 'Jimmy's' has been the subject of several television shows. There has been a lot of regeneration in the city recently. Now there are luxury apartments on the river bank. There is a lot of going on at night and it has been named the best city for business in Britain. You can see many architectural styles and it has some nice shopping galleries, full of shops of all kinds which makes it a paradise for shopping. It is a multi-ethnic city somewhat typical of other large cities in the UK.

It has many festivals and a very lively cultural atmosphere. Its huge town hall is a monument to Victorian architecture. The National Orchestra of England is based here and plays for the Leeds-based opera company called 'Opera North'. His old opera house the 'Grand Theater' has been renovated at a cost of 31 million pounds. Leeds has its own theater company based in the 'West Yorkshire Playhouse' and an exceptional art gallery. Since 1963 the International Piano Festival has taken place every 3 years in Leeds and its film festival is the second largest in England after London.

But Leeds is special above all because of its people. They say it is the center of ‘West Yorkshire’ and the bravest say it is the center of ‘Yorkshire’. People keep much of their old pride for the city. It is true that you can eat the best ‘fish and chips’ (fish battered with potatoes) from all over the country. It is also the place where my wife was born, and where her father played for their football team, 'Leeds United' in their glory days, to which we hope they will return soon.


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