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A workplace can be created almost anywhere, as long as the space is available for it.

To create your own workspace you can choose between fastening the surface with slats fixed to two walls or forgetting about the slats and combining two drawer and cabinet modules. Another valid option is to support one end on a wall strip and the other end on legs.

It's very important decide how do you want use he piece of furniture, standing or sitting. In any case, you must ensure that it has the appropriate height to lean on it, as well as that the new Workplace is near plugs and the electric current, have a good illumination and the ideal conditions are in place for a workplace nice.

Steps to follow for the construction of a workplace

To perform the base sides, cut two pieces of wood to the depth of the drawer. To do this, use an integral router to cut out all the necessary recesses. Make the recesses along the back end of the plates. To carry out this operation, guide the router with a strip and prepare to penetrate up to half the thickness of the piece.

To perform the top and bottom From the set, cut two pieces of wood the same depth as the drawer and the same width as the door. Drill three countersunk holes in the back of the side part recesses and assemble the box by sliding the ends of the parts into the part recesses. Then screw the whole assembly with an electric drill.

Beef up the closet with a background. Cut a sheet of tablex for the bottom and nail. To make the shelf, cut another piece of wood the same width and depth as the cabinet, and insert into the recesses. Then drill holes in the recesses from the outside of the cabinet, countersink and screw the shelf.

Mark the position of the guides of the drawers inside the furniture. Drill the holes for the screws and install the guides. Insert the drawer to check that the piece fits and the drawer opens and closes well. Then remove and set aside until the furniture is finished.

Make a plinth so that the door open wide, cut four wooden slats 5 cm shorter than the dimensions of the lid. Join and screw. Also screw the plinth to the base of the furniture; screw the hinges against the cabinet. Then drill the screw holes and install the hinges.

Cut a ribbon the width of the top and move the cabinet to the wall. Place the cover on it and mark the height of the wall. Draw a horizontal line from the mark and drill holes in the batten, marking their position on the wall. Re-drill holes in the signs and insert plugs, screwing the strip.

Cut the lid to the length desired and correct and put one end on top of the piece of furniture and the other on the ribbon. Screw the cover to the strip with the white plastic brackets. To fix the cabinet to the lid, drill holes through the top of the cabinet to the lid, just before screwing it in.

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