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As we all know, when we talk about money there are a thousand ways to see it, that if it does not bring happiness, that if it does not give health, but others say that your help is essential. So we will see what the sayings of money tell us.


  • -A drunk and womanizer do not give to save money.
  • -The dog dances for money, and for bread if they give it to him.
  • -To old age, money and a wife.
  • -Money in the bag, until it is spent it is not enjoyed.
  • -To the one who lives poor for dying rich, call him donkey.
  • -Money have, and everything will seem fine.
  • -Love and money were never companions.
  • -True love, the one you have for money.
  • -In a rich woman's house, she rules and she screams.
  • -From money and goodness, half of half.
  • -True friend is not against your honor or against your money.
  • -Love, cough and money, they carry a cowbell.
  • -Before I am dying to lend money.
  • -Finishing the money, the friendship ends.
  • -Who has money does what he wants.
  • -Save, saver, the spender will come.
  • -The ugly woman, money beautifies her.
  • -Boat in dry dock, does not earn money.
  • -When money talks, everyone is silent.

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