Meaning of dreaming about the night

What does it mean to dream of the night or of a starry night?

The night it is synonymous with death, rebirth and the beginning of things. Everything will depend on the context of the dream.

If you dream that the night is dark, be cautious and eyes wide open for what may come your way.

If the night is full of stars, prepare for all the good to come.

If you dream that it is getting dark, it means that you are reaching the end of a cycle, an age or a period of your life. It could also represent your unrealized ideals or wishes or announce that you will be unlucky in your projects.

Dreaming about walking with your partner at night, is a bad omen, announces separation due to the death of one of the two.

Have a dream, which takes place at nightIt is a bad omen since the night represents the obstacles that will prevent you from reaching your goals. There are some issues in his life, which he is not very clear about. You should put all these questions aside and clarify your thoughts and mind before asking yourself these questions.

If you dream that the black night surrounds you, announces moments of hardship and oppression in business.

To dream that it seems that the night seems to disappear, If you have been going through difficult times in your work and in business, it means that things are going to change and that prosperity, business and money are going to return.

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