Compensation for BA and Virgin passengers

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According to an article that appeared on February 15 in the Cheap Flights News, all the passengers of the British Airway and Virgin Atlantic companies, who flew on long-haul flights, during the period of 08/11/04 and 03/23 / 06, you will receive financial compensation. They were accused of agreeing on the rising price of fuel, in order to later be able to affect the price of tickets.

Therefore, the passengers who bought the tickets on the aforementioned dates will be able to receive a refund of one third of those received for fuel payment per ticket.

This would be equivalent to receiving 1 pound for every 11 pounds of each ticket bought in Great Britain; and $ 1'50 for every $ 20'50 for each of those purchased in the USA.

The agreement that these airlines have taken has not yet been approved by the US Supreme Court.

British Airways Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh commented: “As we have previously discussed, we condemn any anti-competitive activity by anyone. This solution adopted between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, which they have agreed jointly with the plaintiffs' lawyers, is fair and reasonable. From now on, at British Airways we can turn the page on this matter and do what we do best, offer an excellent service to our passengers ”.

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