The girl with one leg who became queen of pop

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Viktoria Modesta, the world's first bionic pop artist

"My leg is gone. I do not have anything to hide"
Well yes, an amputated leg will not prevent Viktoria Modesta from becoming the new queen of pop.

This 26-year-old English singer, songwriter and model has stomped into the world of music. Not only because of her splendid voice and beauty (which she has) but because she has become the world's first bionic pop artist.

What does this mean?
That she is the first pop singer with a prosthetic leg.

Due to negligence at birth, she suffered irreversible problems in her left leg, which led her, in 2007, to undergo a voluntary below-knee amputation to improve her mobility.
His video that leaves no one indifferent:

Viktoria has turned something theoretically negative into her hallmark. He has transformed a weakness into his strength. An impediment to his momentum.

Photos of Viktoria on Instagram

Congratulations Viktoria, you are an example of improvement! From here my modest and simple tribute with this article. You're a champion!

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