Investing in Nanotechnology in Ireland

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Investment in nanotechnology by Irish industry and government is beginning to show tangible results, according to Diarmuid O'Brien, Crann's chief executive. The research institute, which focuses on nanotechnology and materials science, today released its annual report, which shows an increase in private funding and industry engagement since 2008.

Crann was established in 2003 as a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork. It is funded primarily by the Science Foundation of Ireland and aims to make Ireland a leader in nanoscience, as well as providing benefits to the sector.

"We have two goals: The first is to conduct world-leading research," O'Brien said. "The second is to make sure the research has a real impact on Irish industry and the Irish economy."

Crann has 250 researchers who work within the institute and collaborate with multinationals and SMEs.

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