The 6 most popular Google document templates for teachers

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Templates are documents that already have a defined structure and layout, so that the user only has to choose the most appropriate template for the purpose of their document and fill in the sections with the information. Its use considerably speeds up document creation and improves productivity.

In Google Docs, anyone can create a template and post it in the Google Template Gallery for other users to download and use for free. There are templates for calendars and schedules, letters and faxes, resumes and cover letters, etc.

These are the 6 most downloaded templates within the category "Students and teachers":

1. Student report:

Template for the elaboration of a class work. Ideal for science, history or English classes.

2. Class Notes:

Basic template for posting class notes.

3. Essay grading rubric:

Rubric for the evaluation of works.

4. Syllabus - Simple:

Template for the elaboration of the program or study plan of the subject or course.

5. Syllabus - Basic:

Another template for developing a syllabus or curriculum.

6. Lesson plan - Basic:

Template for the development of a didactic unit, topic or lesson.

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