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According to an article published on July 31, 2006 in Sci-Tech Today, Google has launched a beta site for open source software (open source). The new service has been dubbed "Google Code Project Hosting", and is available at the following address:

The service, announced late last week at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention from Portland, Oregon, offers a space where developers and users can exchange open source software and work together, cooperating on projects. For its part, Google describes the service as a "site for third-party developers interested in developing Google-related software." However, although this is the initial objective, other types of projects can also be expected. The home page follows the typical Google structure, with a database that stores and searches users' software, and the results page is similar to what you get from any Google search. Google has announced that its search software will classify projects by activity and participants and that inactive projects will be pulled. Also, any attempt to use the service to store inappropriate material (such as mp3 files or stolen passwords) will be filtered and the material will be removed. Greg Stein, Google's chief technical officer, says the company does not intend to compete with previous open source exchanges such as or For its part, believes that Google's new service reaffirms the community open source and has announced that both companies are working to create a common database with the names of the projects, in order to avoid confusion and possible duplicates. Google has always supported the philosophy and software open source, promoting the use of the Firefox browser, using MySQL as a database on its own system, and publishing its APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) openly and for free on the Internet. Source: Sci-Tech Today

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