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They sue Google for problems related to their toolbar

Google was sued on November 5 for allegedly falsifying the way its "Google Toolbar" works.

According to the lawsuit filed in San Jose, California, by actor Jason Weber, the Google Toolbar - a user-installed browser toolbar - continued to track Web, even after such tracking had been disabled.

"Google has provided users with insufficient and misleading information about the toolbar and control mechanisms intended to enforce user preferences," the lawsuit alleges. "These controls don't work as described, without users knowing."

The lawsuit also disagrees with the terminology of Google's privacy policy. It indicates that Google's language mixes the concepts of website and URL address and argues that, in this way, Google trivializes the consequences for privacy of activating the "enhancement tools" of the toolbar.

This distinction is important, the lawsuit contends, because a Web site can be identified simply as a domain, such as However, a URL can contain all kinds of potentially sensitive data appended after the directory path, such as cookie identifiers, queries, or any other information.

According to the Information Week article, a Google spokesperson, the company has yet to receive anything about it and therefore cannot comment.

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