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Incorporate audio to Google Earth

According to an article published this week in, Google Earth, the Google service that allows you to view any point on the planet, will soon also offer sounds that will accompany the images.

Bernie Krause has spent 40 years collecting around 3,500 hours of recordings of sounds from around the world, from the chirping of birds or whales to the creaking of melting glaciers. Now, his company Wild Sanctuary, which is located in Glen Ellen, California, has developed software capable of embedding these audio files at related locations on Google Earth. In this way, when a user zooms in on the chosen location, they will be able to hear its corresponding sounds.
"Our goal is to bring it to life," says Krause.

With this, Krause hopes that virtual visitors are more aware of the impact that human activity has had over time on the environment since he began to collect the recordings, since users will be able to listen to various current sounds of a site to then travel back in time and compare these sounds with those of previous decades.

Krause wants the software to be ready with 26 sample sounds to present at the “Where 2.0” conference that will take place in San Jose, California, on May 29. From that date, it will be available for download on the site: and, little by little, more sounds will be added.
Another project, called Freesound, is contributing audio files to Google Earth, but Krause's, in addition to their high quality, have information about the time, date and time of the recording.

Source: Pheedo

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