Google launches Christmas shopping site for Checkout

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Google launches a Christmas shopping site for its Checkout service

According to an article published on November 27, 2006 on, Google has launched an Internet sales site for Christmas shopping featuring vendors using its Checkout payment system and offering discount promotions to attract customers. the clients.

PayPal is the most popular online payment service, but Google is trying to attract customers through promotions that include discounts of $ 10 on purchases and even more than $ 30 on December 26. For example, if buyers visit the links of five participating sellers and spend between $ 30 and $ 49 on each site, they will get a total refund of $ 50. The discount is applied automatically as purchases are made, but not all sellers offer discounts.

For shoppers who want to be charitable during the holidays, Google will add $ 10 to the first donation of a minimum of $ 30 that any Checkout user makes to one of eight possible international organizations.

Meanwhile, in a consumer survey commissioned by Google, Harris Interactive found that 40% of American adults with work plan this year to do at least some of their vacation purchases online from work. One in four of these shoppers are expected to purchase the gifts on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. However, the most online shopping day of the year is usually not that, but one closer to mid-December.


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