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Google sees a new role for YouTube: an outlet for live sport

As part of a new experiment, Google's subsidiary YouTube has broadcast 60 live matches of the Indian Cricket Premier League. Approximately 40% of the viewers were outside of India.

Google signed a deal with seven advertisers in India, including Coca-Cola and Hewlett-Packard, two in Britain and one in the United States, where YouTube broadcast the matches 15 minutes after they ended.

Now Google is acquiring other events to broadcast on YouTube in real time, a plan that could shake up the world of sports broadcasting. To date, viewing live sports on the Internet has been hampered by slow broadband speeds and the reluctance of sports leagues to risk the profits made from traditional broadcasters.

YouTube could bring concerts and sporting events around the world. According to Shailesh Rao, CEO of Google Spain, in a recent interview, Google will search for “more events and live sports”. Many sports leagues have seen the success of the webcast of the cricket tournament, he noted, `so Google is opening" new negotiations with many stakeholders. "

Live sports broadcasting over the Internet has several obvious advantages over television. The main one is that they can be seen from anywhere. And fans can discuss the plays with other fans around the world through comments and messages.

Source: New York Times

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