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In the summer months it is very pleasant to dine outside on the terrace under the moon and stars. Candles are an excellent complement to the light of the moon so that we can see what we eat and the faces of the people who accompany us, but many times they do not offer enough light.

On the other hand, conventional light bulbs and lights can break the magic of dinner, offering a light that is too strong for the warm and natural environment we want to create.

The solution is polyethylene lamps with light. They are ideal for garden or terrace, offer a soft but stable light and have shapes that are very easy to combine to compose with outdoor furniture and terrace items.

Strategically placed in a corner, between flowerpots or trees, under a partition, on a small table or even placed in the garden to facilitate the entrance to a chalet, these lights are as discreet as they are attractive, and their popularity has made them each time they can be purchased in different shapes and shades.

See Photos of exterior lights made by Sol Pérez and available at Muebles Muebles Zoilo, C / Ramón y Cajal nº 8 Elche

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