Camping with children

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Tips and ideas for games when we go camping with children.

  • Look for interesting textures, such as the bark of trees or fossils in the rocks, place a paper on top and trace with a pencil. Or animals to make sculptures with elements of nature.
  • The treasure hunt: Recite or write a list of items to find and bring or photograph. A simple path could consist of sticks arranged in the shape of an arrow or chalk marks. You can also make clues that lead to the next location. They could be anagrams, cryptic clues, or geographic clues. Organize the tour to take you back to the starting point. They can also be given a roadmap to follow; that makes them feel like real pirates, treasure hunters, or explorers, and it's educational.
  • Silhouettes. It consists of guessing who is inside the store by their silhouette. The person inside can disguise their form by crouching down or moving closer / away from the flashlight.
  • Games in a circle. They work well around a fire pit. For example:
    - Memory games: like “I went to the supermarket at the campsite and bought…”; each person will have to add a new element to the list that will get longer and longer.
    - Alphabet games: you can choose a category such as countries (Angola, Belgium, Canada…) or use adjectives (My cat is adventurous / playful / cunning / silly).
    - Narration: create a story in a circle, passing the narrator “witness” around the group for the next person to continue the story.
  • Form an orchestra in the open air. Encourage children to find things that make sounds such as hollow objects that serve as a drum, sticks to beat together, blades of grass to whistle with, bottles to blow on, stones or seeds in a container to shake ...

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