Requirements to obtain a permit to work in Spain

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To work in Spain you need an authorization, You must be in your country to apply for it and for its grant you must have an offer of employment. If you have a permanent residence, you will not need authorization.Steps to follow:

1. In order to apply for the residence and work authorization for someone else, you must be in your country and have a job offer from a Spanish employer or company. You will not be able to request it if you are irregular in Spain or in Spanish territory in a situation of stay.

2. The occupation you are going to perform must have been evaluated in relation to the national employment situation, to verify that no Spanish, community or foreign worker authorized to work can occupy the available position.

3. The employer or employer who is interested in hiring you will present the authorization request together with the required documentation. You must formalize the contract before you enter Spain. Once the authorization is approved, you will have one month to apply for the visa at the consular office in your country and to sign the contract.

4.Once the visa is granted, you will travel to Spain within the validity period of the visa that will not be longer than 3 months. As soon as you enter Spain you will be able to start your activity and make your affiliation and registration with Social Security.

5. Remember that from your entry you will have one month to apply for a foreigner identity card at the Foreigners Office or at the Police Station.

IMPORTANT: The visa granted incorporates the initial authorization of residence and work for someone else and will be granted for one year from the moment you enter Spain and will appear in your passport.

Who does not need authorization?

Press correspondents, foreign professors hired by a Spanish university, foreign scientists hired by a public body, those who develop cultural activities such as cultural programs for the dissemination and information of their state, the military who carry out cooperation activities in relation to international agreements, artist with performances specific, the Spanish of origin and religious representatives when for religious reasons.

They do not need authorization to work, but if required, they must have the corresponding visa.

When to apply for a residence and work authorization?

If you are illegal or as a tourist in Spain and you have a job offer, you cannot request a residence and work authorization.

Only if you entered Spain with a work visa can you apply for the permit, otherwise you must return to your country of origin and apply for the visa at the Spanish consulate.This happens because Spain does not allow changes in immigration characteristics while within its territory. Then you can only process the residence and work permit through the General Consulate of Spain in your country of origin.

Renewal of residence and work authorization

The renewal of the temporary residence and work authorization must be requested within 60 consecutive days (counting holidays) before the expiration date of the authorization. If the renewal request is submitted within three months after that date, a penalty will be applicable.

The Ministry of Public Administrations has a form to start the process of renewal of work or residence permits for foreign citizens. Completing the form, if all the requirements are met, the administration sends the application to the interested party to sign it, verify that the data is correct and present it at the request of the foreign office. The immigration office will carry out the processing and will be in charge of sending the resolution notification to the interested party.

IMPORTANT: The mere presentation of the renewal application, broadens the validity of your authorization until the renewal grant is resolved.

What are the requirements for renewal?

To request the renewal of your residence and work authorization card, it will depend on whether any of the following requirements are met:

a) In the event that you continue working in the same job because the contract or job offer was renewed or you have a new job offer.

b) You are a beneficiary of an unemployment benefit, it will be renewed for the time that the benefit is fixed.

c) You are the beneficiary of an economic assistance benefit of a public nature in order to achieve your job reintegration, it will be renewed for the time that the benefit is fixed.

How long will they grant me the renewal?

to) Initial residence and work authorization it will be granted to you for one year. You will be limited to carrying out the activity and in the place for which the authorization was granted.

b) The first and second renewal will be granted for 2 yearsIt will allow you to carry out any activity in the place you want.

c) And in the next renewal you will be granted permanent residence that will allow you to work under the same conditions as Spanish workers and will be valid for five years.

Once the renewal has been granted, you will have to go to the Foreign Office to request your foreigner identity card within a month.

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