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Kutxi Romero, rock singer, vocalist of the Navarran band Marea, in addition to this he is a poet with four published books. These are some of the most famous quotes from Kutxi Romero.

Kutxi Romero Famous Quotes

  • May your life be a boat trip to a future not uncertain, freedom, only your freedom.
  • and kisses that I did not want to give will lie next to my bones.
  • The kiss from nothing has to be my kiss, since I am nothing ... ".
  • And it was daylight, and as usually happens in these cases at dawn, we were two strangers.
  • When there is something to say, one cannot be silent, because to be silent is to die.
  • We have no arguments to defend an industry that created the problem and did not create the solution.
  • They will tell you that my words are the bed of a madman, a scratch on the face, a stone, a hide, a puff on your eyes, the echo of the cough of the spoil, splinters between the nails.
  • To continue crying sawdust is a vain task in the lighthouse of the mean lighthouse keeper, although no one sees his sad slip!
  • I have instead of a heart, I don't know how many hearts. Instead of a heart, I have what I am in my chest, and everyone asks me for love, and one by one I give it to them.
  • No matter how elegant you go in life, you always end up surrounded by pigs and vultures, you have to
  • be careful with the lice that you find out there.
  • Who will teach you to sleep when I'm not here, when the pillows are revealed against you.
  • Soon two waves will run in disorder, one on the foam bears your names, the other under the foam bears mine.

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