Iker Jiménez horoscope: analytical and conscientious

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Iker Jimenez, whose full name is IKer Jiménez Elizari is well known, thanks to his program Fourth millenium, which has an audience level of 15% share, about 700,000 viewers on average. Its program amalgamates all the mysteries of paranormal effects, criminal investigation and science from the hand of the best professors, criminologists, investigators and scientists in our country.
It is Bachelor of Information Sciences by the Complutense University of Madrid and by the European University of Madrid.
Programs you are currently working on:Fourth milleniumin the Four, Millennium 3of the Ser Chain, To the other sideof Telecinco.
Previous Programs: The Edge of the impossible in Radio Enlace (Madrid), At the end of the stairs at Onda Verde (Madrid), director and presenter at Antena3 Radio and Radio 80 (delegation of La Coruña), Radio 16, RKR Radio, Onda Verde, Radio Voice, Onda Madrid and Intercontinental Radio before reaching the SER string.
books: Unsolved riddlesin 1999

Date of birth ofker Jimenez: January 10, 1973 in Vitoria, Álava, Spain

The horoscope ofker Jimenez is Capricorn.ker Jimenez comes from an upper class family. His father Pedro Ramón is an art gallery owner, specialized in flamenco painting, and his mother's name is María Elizari. Since he was a child, he was attracted to this type of subject such as: parapsychology, ufology, esotericism, criminology, archeology, anthropology, phantasmogenesis ... At the age of 17 he started working at Radio Alameda, leading a program of this kind. All the shows he's directed are on these kinds of paranormal topics.

Iker Jiménez is an authentic Capricorn: serious, perfectionist, professional, ambitious, leadership ... He has been demonstrating this throughout his entire career. From a young age he showed that he had the necessary intelligence to set goals and go after them from his reserve and seriousness. itstenacity and greatdiscipline was placing him in front of paranormal programs, which have always been very successful.

How a good Capricorn is a personstable,calm and safe. Iker is cold and cerebral. Study each project very well before attacking a project, because such is the level of perfection that is requiredthemselves andto the others, that it could not be otherwise. With a Capricorn, you can expect the maximum of perfection, because until something is not flawless, they do not stop. They are not usually too cheerful and communicative, but they are very correct according to the protocol. They take everything so seriously that not a single failure is allowed, due to the levelexaggeratedof demand, they have.

Iker Jiménez doesn't have too many friends, but he does have very good ones. Prefers meetings inpetit committee, than the big parties. You tend to put your family's wishes before your own. He is a sacrifice of his loved ones. As for the sentimental, Capricorns are faithful and have serious and long relationships. Iker Jiménez is married to Carmen Porter, a journalist like him and a contributor to all his programs. They have a 2-year-old daughter named Alma.To know more about Capricorn see:Capricorn Characteristics.

Compatibility ofIker Jimenez with other signs:Iker Jiménez as a Capricorn is compatible with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and with people from Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, they get along regularly. On the other handIker Jimenez it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Gemini, Leo. For more information see:Compatibility of the signs with Capricorn

Other details of interest aboutIker Jimenezand your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofIker Jimenez would beTHE EMPEROR, is power, wealth, social position, authority. (See: Letter from The Emperor)
  • The number ofIker Jimenez is he4, order, values, lack of imagination, creation ... (See:Meaning of number 4, Numerology).
  • The Chinese horoscope ofIker Jimenez is heRAThe is ambitious, cunning, intelligent, hard-working ..). See: Meaning ofRAT of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofIker Jimenez is hethe greens, charcoal gray and brown.
  • The Element ofIker Jimenez: it isLand.
  • The planet ofIker Jimenez it isSaturn.
  • The stone ofIker Jimenez: Sapphire.
  • Iker Jiménez's Twitter: @navedelmisterio

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