Change people: 8 indisputable reasons why not to do it

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Wanting to change a person is very common, but there are 8 reasons whymillions existing not to change anyone.

All sociable people They are constantly surrounded by people: friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, partners ... Like you, these people are not perfect and surely there are things in their behavior, habits, appearance ... that you would not mind if they changed.

The difference of opinion on some topic or some acts / gestures that bother you, make you not be 100% comfortable with that person, love them for who they are and accept them so you can have a healthy social life.

Well this is the point that really you have to change, in which you have to put everything your focus and energy. The reason is very simple: why Ward off to a person on your side who is already perfect in his own way and trying to change him to the form that corresponds to our expectations? Pure selfishness.
Do not sit down ridiculous? Trying to change other people is something ugly, despicable. Your image of the perfection it is unique, just like the others.

With time and trust comes disappointment and irritation, making the other person feel bad and ruining personal relationships.

If you insist on changing someone even if it is the last thing you do, know that when that person "finally" changes, they are no longer the person you knew and you will go from loving them madly to seeing them like a friend with which you have things in common.

Your idea of ​​perfection is not correct

Your ideal of how a person has to be is not the correct one at all, in fact, neither are you. You cannot decide how they have to live life or what to invest time in, what you can do is choose the person to be with.

Respect the space

Each personality is unique, they may have some similar points, but not identical. Each one sees the world in their own way, within that world each one has a different mix of feelings, emotions, opinions, principles, interests and objectives.

They have dedicated their entire lives to reaching that point, influenced by their experiences and knowledge, you would not like someone to get into something so intimate, respect it.

Let yourself be blinded by the positive

Flaws are unavoidable, but you can do something about them: don't focus on them. You know what? A person outside your relationships would not see those defects like you, they would see the good in that person, as you did before trying to change them.

Everyone has their limits, they will surely get tired of being criticized continuously and they will hide some things from you ... Another person can take advantage of that opportunity to weaken and steal that person, and the worst thing is that it will have been your fault.
Seeing the good part can change your personal relationships for the better without having to change anything in them. Begin to appreciate and enjoy who they are.

Put yourself in their place

The people you share your day with may be going through very difficult situations and you don't have to know everything. It could explain a bad answer, lack of attention to what he does, desire for solitude ...

You could take that into account from now on before judging unusual behavior. Also, do not be angry if someone has decided not to tell you about a problem, it does not mean that they do not trust you, the problem could come to you big or you simply prefer to fix things yourself, the best role you can play is to give support and love ...

Be grateful every day to have those people by your side

Anything you want someone else to change can wait, wait forever.

Instead, you could spend that time being grateful that you can share your life with these people. Your relationship has not only been your decision, they have also chosen you, make an effort to take care of it.

Remember why they occupy that special place in your life

Remember why you chose them as friends, what things you have done for each other, the problems you have been able to overcome thanks to them, the time you have dedicated to them, the things you had in common…. Remembering all the reasons why you decided to make that person a part of your life will help you in your purpose of accepting people as they are or remembering how you saw them before.


People, opinions, acts ... Open your mind and you will see how life is easier, as well as your relationships. Both parties will feel freer when making decisions or expressing emotions.

Do not compare

Trying to change someone means not approving of their way of life, and this is the result of comparing it to yourself. Why should it look like you? That person has other goals and a different approach to things that are important to him.

These are the reasons / advice / ways / reasons not to try to change someone under any circumstances. Obviously except for people who hurt you, which in that case you shouldn't try to change them either, if not move away.

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