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It is a pleasure and an honor to always do famous people quotes, but above all so brave, today
I share these phrases to remember this Spanish politician, fighter and defender of women's rights.

On the 126th anniversary of her birth, these are 8 unforgettable phrases from Clara Campoamor.


  • I defended women's rights in Constituent Courts. Indeclinable duty of a woman who cannot betray her sex.
  • Freedom is learned by exercising it.
  • Solve what you want, but facing the responsibility of giving entrance to that half of the human race in politics, so that politics is a matter of two, because there is only one thing that one sex does: illuminate; We all do the rest in common, and you cannot come here to legislate, to vote taxes, to dictate duties, to legislate on the human race, on the woman and on the child, isolated, outside of ourselves.
  • I am as far from fascism as I am from communism, I am a liberal.
  • Feminism is a courageous protest by an entire sex against the positive diminution of its personality.
  • First of all I am a humanist.
  • The total, complete, overwhelming victory of one side over the other will burden the victor with the responsibility for all the mistakes made and will provide the vanquished with the basis of future propaganda, both within and outside our borders.
  • Republic, always republic, the form of government most in accordance with the natural evolution of peoples.

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