Halloween garland printable

Home decor for Halloween: step by step garland

Garlands always look good if you have to decorate or set a party, for this reason I have prepared this free printable of bats and pumpkins with which you can make a great garland to decorate on Halloween.

The templates can be printed on different types of paper: normal, photographic, adhesive paper (when printing them on adhesive paper you can use them as stickers and use them to decorate glasses, bowls, notebooks, make invitations ...)

In our case we have printed it on normal paper, we have cut them out and then we have made somegarlands to decoratethe walls.

To make the garlands we have cut out the pumpkins and the bats and we have glued them on a thick thread in black with cellophane.

In the archive you can find the images in two different sizes

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Video: DIY Spooky Halloween garland

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