Music festivals in Spain that you cannot miss.

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When the sun begins to make an appearance in Spain (and this is from March to October), festivals and concerts begin to flourish at an increasingly frenetic pace. In fact many think (we think) that they are a real plague.

Actually with concerts it happens that, for many musical styles that there are, there are not enough bands to fill all the hours and days that they suppose. So if you make a good selection of them you can see the best of the best without having to travel the peninsula from north to south and from east to west ... unless your desire is to collect bracelets.

Then yes. Road and blanket!

5 music festivals that you should not miss in Spain.

1. Viñarock (Villarrobledo: first weekend of May, always coinciding with day 1)

In its 19th edition, they once again bet on the groups and sounds that are the hallmark of the most famous and massive Rock festival in Spain.

For being one of the festivals with the most history in Spain, and for being the true reference of rock in Castilian. There is no rock group worth its salt that has not toured its music in Villarrobledo.

A lot of Spanish rock, a lot of hip-hop, and some heavy stuff. Fusion, ska, or even reggae also have their place among the almost 100 groups that fill the heart of La Mancha with music.

Okay, I want to go. What I do?

Find out everything on their website:, and get ready for the “wild” climate of Villarrobledo. Enjoy mornings at 12 degrees, afternoons at 30, and nights at -5. Do not be fooled by the sun: the early mornings in the "steppe" of La Mancha are not easy.

2. Arenal Sound Festival (Burriana, first week of August).

Arenal Sound has become a real bombshell since its inception just five years ago. It is true that it was difficult for him to start, but once he has taken a career, he seems to have no rival in the Spanish indie route. A sanctuary for the moderns.

Why go to Arenal Sound?

By the beach. We are talking about August in the heart of the coastal area of ​​Castellón. Go back to your town / city making your neighbors envious with several hours of the best pop on your head, and a spectacular color on your skin.

The best Spanish indie-pop festival without a doubt. There is no group that can resist: from Love of Lesbian, Iván Ferreiro or Sidonie, to internationals like Placebo. And a very good atmosphere, where bikinis and swimsuits are the official costume of the festival.

You've convinced me. And now?

Check the dates and prices on their website:, and buy sunscreen. But don't forget to put it on. That brunette does not turn tomato red, or you will end up regretting it.

3. Bilbao BBK live(Bilbao, second week of July).

One of the most important festivals with international bands on the summer scene. And without going through the heat of other festivals!

Why go to Bilbao BBK live?

Beyond its environment, or emotions ... is the poster. A sensational selection of groups compose year after year an enviable selection of bands for all of us who do not live in Bilbao 🙁

What will I find?

Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys, White Lies, Phoenix, MGMT, The Prodigy… Seriously not enough?

I'm in! And now?

On their website you have all the information you need about prices, schedules, and even flights from London and Manchester (you can tell where their market is): You can now rehearse your English accent from Oxford or Albacete. The two are equally valid at midnight.

4. Monegros Desert Festival. (Desierto de los Monegros, second-third week of July).

Twenty years of electronic entertainment endorse Monegros' trajectory as one of the most consolidated European festivals of its kind.

If you like electronic music, this is your festival. 50,000 people enjoying the best DJs and producers on the international scene.

Hundreds of events under the scorching Aragon sun, ranging from skateboarding competitions to hours and hours of music. A fight without quarter, as described on the clubbingspain website, where you will surely end up KO.

I have it clear. I'm in. And now?

And then equip yourself by following the advice they give you, from rest and hydration, to how not to "go overboard". Attentive.

5. Primavera Sound. (Barcelona, ​​last weekend of April).

The most important international festival of the year in Spain is held in Barcelona, ​​with an unparalleled line-up that includes Spanish, Argentine, British, American groups ...

Why go to Primavera Sound?

If you've never been to Barcelona, ​​you already have the perfect excuse. And if you already know it, then the music will remain (good and varied). Primavera Sound is not lived in a single venue, but is breathed throughout Barcelona, ​​with concerts both in the Parq del Forum and in BARTS, Sala Apolo or Casa Encendida.

A first class poster. Personally, in this year 2014 I am staying with Standstill, but internationally we are talking about Arcade Fire, Queens of Stone Age, Pixies or NIN. An unsurpassed level.

This is the festival you've been waiting for. And now?

Yes. We warn you that it is the most expensive festival of all. To scratch the pocket touches!

NOTE:This is just a recommendation of 5 concerts somewhat different from each other. In particular I have only been to a couple of them (although this year the Bilbao BBK falls for sure). Since you surely think that there is one that is not on the list and should (I can think of the FIB or Sonorama among others), why don't you leave it in a comment?

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