8 Tips to satisfy your travel cravings and not miss out on traveling

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Tips for planning trips on a budget

Does your body ask for trips? Couldn't you indulge yourself last year? Well fear not! There are many ways to satisfy you when it comes to travel, as long as we keep our feet on the ground and are realistic about what we can afford.

Are you signing up for new travel challenges? Let's see some essential tips so that you always travel! 😀

1. Willing is power

If you put your mind to it, you get it. Is your budget pretty tight? Never mind. You will only have to organize yourself better and look for the best strategies to save the most and spend the least in your journey. Look for alternatives where you can stay (hostels, hostels, home exchange ... etc.) and compare prices. Today also travel in shared vehicles they come out very profitable. You can also search for a destination where the currency exchange benefits you Or looking for a national destination instead of an international one, surely there is some beautiful place that you still do not know about your own land!

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Some interesting sites and ideas:

Blablacar: It is a platform that allows several people to share a car, either on short or long journeys, and for various travel reasons, such as vacations or work, and thus the cost of the journey is much lower.

Airbnb: Platform that connects hosts who rent their apartments or rooms with guests who want to spend a few days in a city. Hosts are private individuals who rent their own homes when traveling or second homes. The website works like a social network, there are comments from the people who have stayed and ratings from the hosts.

Aupair: Platform that puts you in contact with a host family, you will have to do your own household chores and above all take care of the children. In each case it is different, you can negotiate what you want to do and what not with the family you choose.

Trustedhousesitters: Take care of a house and its pets while their owners are traveling, if you like to travel and pets, this can be a great option 🙂

Home exchange: Well that, a platform to exchange your home with another family or people who want to travel, it works as a kind of club, you pay a fee per year and you get in touch with other interested people.

2. Proclaim your traveling dreams and tell them to all your friends and family

Do you dream of traveling somewhere and keep it to yourself? Do not hesitate to discuss it with people, you do not know who could sign up to make that dream with you, unless you want to go to that site alone or you already have a companion. Even counting what you plan to do or where you plan to go, it is possible that someone who has traveled to that place can also advise you on essential places to visit or cheap or exquisite places to eat.

3. Get organized and be orderly. Make lists and prepare everything!

If you are already clear about where you plan to go on a trip, a notebook and a pen will not hurt at all: Write down everything that you will need in your suitcase to avoid future surprises (mobile charger, wallet, clothes ... etc.)

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Write down the objectives of your trip (such as the places to visit that you cannot miss) and / or make a sketch of what the getaway is going to be… All that is necessary! It will encourage you a lot and you will be more clear about what is most essential (even if you do not comply with it 100% later).

4. Spontaneity? Of course! surprise trips or instantly thought

Can't decide where to go? Well, nothing happens, draw lots! If you are among several destinations and you all like them equally, you can make a small raffle. Even if you weren't planning on going anywhere one weekend and suddenly the traveling flare hits you, go ahead… Instant travel! To madness 😉

5. Plan a different trip with the family, especially if your relatives live far away

Many times our relatives are very far from us, sometimes so far that it is a great expense of money. A good idea or proposal would be to take a different trip, staying halfway through a city or town, and thus spend a different vacation with the family. Also if your family lives with you you can plan a getaway, having the family to travel is great!

6. Don't be afraid to travel alone: ​​Let nothing stop you!

Don't you know who to go with or nobody wants to go with you? Maybe you thought of a last minute trip and nobody signs up? Do not worry. Let no one or nothing stop you from going anywhere you want. Many times traveling alone you experience many different things than if you go with more people. Possibly you notice details that you would not notice if you are accompanied. You can even make new friends from other places or who knows, find the love of your life.

  • Tips for traveling alone.

7. Interrail travel, have you thought about it?

An Interrail pass is the cheapest way to explore Europe. You can visit several countries in record time and thus be able to take advantage of a vacation by going to many different places and sites. If your travel cravings are through the roof, you will surely love interrail travel.

8. Travel with your pet

If you have a dog or cat, have you thought about traveling with your pet? On many occasions you don't travel because you don't know where to leave it or with whom, but there are many hotels that allow pets and many beautiful places where you can spend a very pleasant vacation with your pet.

We hope these tips and ideas have helped you 😉

Come on you can! Cheer up!!! Good luck with your travels!

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