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10 unique places to visit on the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye It is the second largest island in Scotland, it has a very important architectural history, with very old monuments to visit from the time of the clans. Here we leave you 10 unique and essential places if you travel to Skye.

Dunvegan Castle and Gardens

A castle surrounded by nature, between the cliffs and reflections on the water make this corner a unique space. It is home to the MacLeod of Skye since the 13th century and is the oldest inhabited castle in Scotland, open every day from 10:00 to 17:30. To visit the castles and gardens the price is £ 9.50 for adults or £ 5 for families.

Clan Donald Skye:

It is the museum of the island and the castle of Armadale, a large estate of more than 20,000 hectares. It offers unforgettable walks and, for years when it became a foundation, efforts have been made to open it to the public, to tourism and thus obtain a very important resource for the city. From the farm you can contemplate the Cuillin mountain range, listen to the sounds of nature and contemplate the habitat of wild species such as sea eagles or deer. It is open every day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and the price is £ 7.5 for adults and £ 6 for children.

Peninsula Aird:

It is a place to enjoy the most natural environment, perfect for going on a picnic to spend the day. We can enjoy two unique beaches where we can also contemplate the ruins of an ancient fortress .; In addition, the little ones will be able to see wild animals and enjoy the views from the cliffs as well as wild animals, such as seals.

The fairy pools:

The Island of Raasay is only 25 minutes away by ferry and is a treasure of nature, a place to enjoy different emotions raised to satisfy tourism and make this half day or full day an unforgettable moment. You can also rappel, climb, swim, jump off cliffs; and much more. The courses are priced at around £ 25 per person for adults and £ 15 for those under 16.

The Isle of Skye Life Museum:

It is the Museum of the life of the island of Kilmuir and inaugurated in 1965. The house of the weaver displays the treasure of tools and utensils associated with wool; Illustrations and pieces of the entire minifundio system of the time are also shown.

Sea Eagles, Portree:

Nowadays it is Scottish National Heritage since 1975. Visitors can learn about the areas, they can also enjoy a boat trip around the nature of the place and, also the RSPB Eagle Sea Exhibition provides visitors with a glass with all the information about the birds. We can also enjoy otters, porpoises, seals ... From 4.75 pounds we can enjoy all this natural spectacle.

Talisker Distillery, Carbost

On the shore of Lake Harport you can see and enjoy the most exclusive flavor of the native drink, a traditional distillery where the process of "the king drink" is known step by step. The most recommended is always to visit Talisker Bay, a fine sandy beach. For 7 pounds for adults and 3 for children, get to know part of the culture and tradition of the city.

Bearreraig Bay, Flodigarry and An Corran

The deepest embrace of the Trotternish Peninsula is here. Ideally, you should start your exploration in Bearreraig Bay to see the species in the area. When the tide goes out, the footprints of dinosaurs from more than 165 million years ago can also be seen and will surprise us. A visit to the Staffin Ellishadder Museum is also mandatory to contemplate history through fossils.

Dun Beag, Struan:

One of the best preserved places in Skye. The remains and coins found in the area date the occupation in the 18th century. If the sun rises and it is a good day, a beautiful excursion is the one that goes around 10 miles, from where you can see cuillins and Loch Bracadale; and for those who still want more, you can rent a bike and enjoy Dun Mor.

An unforgettable journey between some of the most special corners, where human action has not yet dug with the outside and where you can enjoy unique landscapes, nature, animals in the wild and all this in line with the elegance, tradition and culture of Scotland .

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