Profitability of the use of web 2.0 for companies

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The new McKinsey survey on Web 2.0 measures the benefit that companies are getting from the use of social networks and 2.0 tools. His conclusion is that yes, the profitability is coming.

According to the McKinsey survey of 3,249 executives, companies are already seeing the benefits of using Web 2.0 tools. Of the 1,708 respondents who use at least one Web 2.0 tool for customer-related purposes, 63% say they are increasing their marketing effectiveness.

The survey classifies the results around three pillars with different numbers of respondents for each pillar: for internal use, for customer-related purposes, and for working with suppliers and external partners. According to the results, executives are finding some correlation between the implementation of Web 2.0 and revenue growth through those pillars (internal, 18%; related to customers, 24%; and with partners and suppliers, 16%).

Another interesting statistic is the relatively high score that Web 2.0 tools received for improving satisfaction. The result was: 41% reported improvements in employee satisfaction, 50% said there were benefits to customer satisfaction, and 45% saw an increase in satisfaction from vendors, partners, and external experts. See all survey results: Mckinsey

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