1 day in Dubrovnik What to see and where to go?

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Dubrovnik day tour

Known as the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the coastal cities of the new Croatia turned into one of the main tourist destinations frequented by Cruises, especially in the summer months on routes and circuits of the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands.

Declared a World Heritage Site and part of one of the 7 World Heritage Sites of Croatia, it is a unique place where you can enjoy crystal clear waters, natural seabed, water activities, history of a walled city and ... a long etcetera.

Photo by Sorin Cicos on Unsplash

But… What to do in Dubrovnik if we are only there for one day?

This happened to us, we were going on a cruise and we were only in Ragusa (name of the city) for a few hours, from 8:00 to 18:00, so we had to enjoy it to the fullest in just 12 hours. We did it? Yes!! How do we organize the day in Dubrovnik?

We got off the ship around 9:00 in the morning and, in the port of Dubrovnik, there were taxis and buses at the pier. We were 6, so we decided to take 2 taxis (always haggling and closing the price before going up) for € 10. This taxi took us to the area of ​​the wall and, we met him at 17:00 so that he would come back for us and take us to the port. So it was, comfortable, cool (it's very hot, we traveled in August) and quiet.

We arrived to the wallWe took a walk outside, we walked the charming little streets and then we entered the area of ​​the wall, it was incredible. The church It is huge, gigantic and is like in the center of a square. Inside the wall there are many shops, souvenirs and tourist attractions.

One of the key points of Dubrovnik are the ice creams… Delicious !! What we did was walk the wall. When we went upstairs we found a bar, hidden near another church and where they served us Croatian beer And, the award was nothing scandalous. I don't know if it was around € 3-4 each drink and it had Wi-fi, so we could communicate.

We continued walking and enjoying the landscapes, the views, the green background and nature as we passed through narrow streets and saw part of the culture of a walled city. After 2-3 hours enjoying the most touristy area, we decided to go out and go to one of the coves that had been recommended to us.

Everyone to whom we told that we were going to Dubrovnik told us about ice creams and beaches and coves ... so since we had already had the ice cream, we had already soaked up the culture and tourist area ... now it was our turn beach, water, sea and... Adriatic !!

When leaving the wall there is a small port, where there are many pleasure boats and “boat Taxis " that for a small price they take you and bring you from different coves. We hired a boat that took us to a cove, I don't remember the price very well, but I think I remember that it was € 60 round trip for the 6.

We arrived at the cove, a special place since before it was a private beach of a luxury hotel but, after the war and crisis in the country, the hotel was abandoned in a paradise. We were there the rest of the day. Nearby there was a bar (we do not recommend it), it was the only food place near that cove, but I recommend you grab sandwiches before going to a cove or beach ... there they did fool us (or as some say ... they robbed us) with prices. It was very expensive. 6 caesar type sandwiches (chicken breast, lettuce, tomato ...) and 8 - 10 drinks, plus a couple of bottles of water ... more than € 100. But hey, it's what you pay to go to a beach bar, in a cove secluded from the world, in Croatia and enjoying the most natural landscape.

We were bathing, we saw starfish, the water was cold and saltier than in the Mediterranean. The bottom was incredible. Some girls arrived who had diving goggles and a mat and they left us the goggles and, really ... I recommend it, even if they are little ones from the pool ... Dubrovnik is a must! bring goggles for the water!! We would never have left there ... sea urchins, starfish, sponges and incredible algae ... And lie on a mat, in the middle of the sea and just hear little birds and feel the roar of the current against the rocks? Priceless!!

At first we were going to leave the beach before but it was so good that we decided to stay. They recommended us to go up in a cable car to see the entire Croatian city from the top. I guess it's incredible, but if it's a relaxing trip… I recommend this type of plan.

Before taking the boat and already quite burned from the sun, we went for a drink. We stayed for a while and went back to the wall where a typical Dubrovnik ice cream was waiting for us before taking the taxi. The prices of the ice creams inside the wall are somewhat higher, but not expensive either ... Around € 2.5 for an ice cream of two flavors ... always (same as here) will depend on the size. And… Back to the ship !!

Tips for spending a day in Dubrovnik: (August)

  • Very comfortable clothes and the footwear that suited us best were the booties.
  • Beach towel (we had those small Decathlon ones that don't weigh anything.
  • Sunscreen, very important! The sun is very hot.
  • Mineral water in the backpack. It is very hot.
  • Haggling the price of taxis, boats ... they always set high prices to bite the tourist
  • Or bring sandwiches or ask prices before ordering food at a beach bar

What to see in Dubrovnik?

  • Dubrovnik Cathedral, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is incredible and the square too. It was right there where we drank Croatian beer and where they provided Wi-fi.
  • Church of San Blas. It is not necessary to enter, it is simply beautiful on the outside.
  • Wall (XIII century) and old town of Dubrovnik. (Stari Grad)
  • Pile Gate, access from the new city to the old city.
  • Cable car: € 12. We didn't go up, they say it's worth it, but from below we found it incredible.

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