Son Servera Golf Club

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Opened in 1987 and designed by D. John Harris. It is a 9-hole course built by a group of English friends and residents of the island, who decided to create their English-style club and course. It has some difficult holes, which require technique and precision, but in general it is a pleasant course and for all levels. Its greens are surrounded by pine forests, which gives it freshness and makes it more beautiful.

Basic information about Club de Golf Son Servera

Address and location:

Son Servera golf club
07550 Coast of the Pines
They are Servera


Nearest airport:

Nearest hotels:

Services and facilities:

Putting green, driving green, restaurant, hand carts, golf cars, clubhouse, club rental, shop, private and group classes.

Field type: Commercial

Number of holes: 9, Par 36, 18 holes Par 72

Season: Open all year long

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