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Anguish is a feminine name of Latin origin "angustus"whose meaning is"That which is starry or narrow" and of "ango"what does it mean "That which oppresses". Anguish be"The one who suffers pain"

History and the Saint

Our Lady of Angustias, derives from a Granada invocation of the Virgin Mary. Patron of the city of Granada and other Spanish towns. She is represented standing before the cross holding the crown of thorn and with an expression of disconsolation or with Jesus on her lap after the descent. Also called Virgen de los Dolores.
It is celebrated on September 15 and the Friday before Easter.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Angustias:

  • Chapel and the Brotherhood of Angustias in Jerez de la Frontera. According to historians it dates from the year 1523; In 1567, the city handed over the hermitage to Juan Pecador to establish a hospital, which was never completed. In 1578, an image of the Virgin with the dead man in her arms was delivered to the brotherhood

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