Saint Germain's Golden Book

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Author: Saint Germain
Title: Saint Germain's Golden Book
Editorial: Ediciones Apóstrofe, Barcelona 1992 and Ediciones Aura, Barcelona
ISBN: 84-455-0058-9

The Golden Book of Saint Germain is the Sacred Teaching, which the Ascended Master Saint Germain had arranged, for what he called “the Golden Age” and which forms the Third Teaching Cycle of the Brotherhood of Saint Germain.

The Count of Saint Germain was a Hungarian aristocrat and scholar, son of the last King of Transylvania, Francisco Rákoczi II. It is said that he was immortal and that he had the gift of youth. It is estimated that he was born on May 26, 1696 in Hungary and that he died in Eckernförde (North Jutland) on February 27, 1794. He was educated by the last of the Medicis in Florence. He excelled in various fields such as: alchemy, occultism, inventor, violinist, pianist, courtier, adventurer. He spoke 14 languages ​​and several dialects. He deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs and mastered: politics, arts, sciences, poetry, medicine, chemistry, music, and painting. He lived in many countries and was a diplomat in different countries. He was a member of Freemasonry.

At present, it is a mythical reference within the school of Christian metaphysics and the occult. It seems that he was reincarnated 40 times, to be able to carry out different missions on Earth and to be able to help men.

In this book Saint Germain taught us how to work the I AM and transmit the full knowledge of its I AM PRESENCE. According to his theory, those who study this book and its contents will be more protected than others and will be elevated beings. The Master leaves each one of us the freedom to use this doctrine. He is convinced to transmit the great secret, to dominate our life and every situation. It teaches us to work the energies and the path, to protect ourselves from the bad energies of others. It teaches us to concentrate and daily Meditation, to be able to be prepared and protected against any contingency.

His teaching also includes the fact that they can heal the sick with the strength of their mind and their energies, to do good to others.

It is a book for people trained or who have read a lot about Metaphysics, Reiki, Meditation ... and can come to understand what this book is about.

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