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Best known as the father of Existentialism, this Danish philosopher and theologian, considered one of the most influential figures in contemporary thought, gives us some of his most famous quotes that we share today.

Famous Quotes by kierkegaard:

  • Life can only be understood looking back, but it has to be lived looking forward.
  • A woman is a weak being; When it has been given entirely, it has lost everything: if innocence is something negative in man, in woman it is the essence of life.
  • Life is not a problem that has to be solved, but a reality that must be experienced.
  • I must find a truth that is true for me.
  • Let us freely leave the wise men the privilege of never contradicting themselves.
  • If really the dating period is the most beautiful of all, why do men get married?
  • The door of happiness opens inwards, you have to withdraw a little to open it: if you push it, you close it more and more.
  • And love is only beautiful while the contrast and desire last; then everything becomes weakness and habit.
  • How ironic that it is precisely through language that a man can degrade himself below what he has no language!
  • The tyrant dies and his kingdom ends. The martyr dies and his kingdom begins.
  • The human being is a synthesis of the temporal and the eternal, of the finite and the infinite.
  • Faith is the passion for the possible and hope is the inseparable companion of faith.
  • Love is beautiful, only as long as the contrast and desire last; afterwards, everything is weakness and habit.

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