Taurus and Aquarius: passion and jealousy against freedom and intellect

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The compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius it is not very good. Two different worlds and attitudes towards life. If it works, it will be because both of you are doing your part. If they manage to connect they can form a good complementary and efficient team.

- Taurus is classic and Aquarius modern. Taurus is attracted to everything that is ancestral, conventional, memories, classical theater, opera, traditional cuisine, formality, luxuries and silks ... On the other hand, Aquarius lives in the future and likes designs modern, minimalist, the latest technologies, simple and comfortable clothing.

- Taurus does not like changes, they create insecurity and, on the other hand, Aquarius is excited by novelties, he goes for them, because he likes to innovate. Taurus does not like sleeping outside the home or going to live abroad, on the other hand Aquarius loves progress, novelty, he is attracted to the foreigner and new cultures. The 1st is closed and the 2nd is open.

- Taurus is happy at home, on his sofa, with his blanket and is able to spend all day watching TV, reading with his family. Aquarius insteadHe wants the day to last a long time and does a thousand different things, to be able to cover everything he wants to do, because you don't want to miss a thing.

- Taurus is very familiar and Aquarius too, but they live it in different ways. Taurus wants them around him, to cook for them, to have dinner and to be told their things, to take a nap as a family and to spend the day in peace. The family gives them security, their roots are what gives meaning to their life.

- Aquarius also focuses on the family, but rather propels them to make their lives successful. He directs them, advises them, forces them to play sports, to cultivate, to relate ... To get the best of themselves. Aquarius also cooks, but to feed him well, for health reasons.

- Taurus with childrenShe is "mother hen": she protects them, she is afraid that they will go out, she tries to keep them at home, she wants their childhood to be happy and as long as possible. He does not push them to go to study abroad, he wants to have them always close, all his life.

- Aquarius with children it is very generous, but in another sense. It prepares them for life, fills them with after-school classes, sends them abroad in the summer, forces them to play sports and forces them all their lives to give the best of themselves. He wants to propel them into the Universe so that they are always open to the most innovative.

- In business they are both very good, but in a different way. Together they could form a good tandem, because Taurus is the commercial, hard-working, responsible, has a very good nose for business and always makes money. But Aquarius is more analytical and with his previous market study, he would see which are the best, trends, to get into the right business.

- In love they are very different. Taurus is possessive, affectionate, jealous and their relationships are long and they dream of their wedding day. Aquarius, on the other hand, is "the bride on the run." He is overwhelmed with the jealous, he needs their space, freedom and prefers an open relationship without commitment. The control of Taurus can end love quickly, unless Aquarius can make him understand that he needs his space to love him more.

- Sexually they agree that they both need security. Taurus needs stability, security and passion, to surrender and unleash their sensuality and imagination, as long as they are sure of the love of Aquarius. And this one needs an intellectual exchange, to share everything with Taurus. Without that exchange, just sex will not be enough.

- Taurus is a born consumer. He loves to shop and empty the stores. On the other hand, Aquarius hates to spend, he loves to save and invest in the Stock Market and in technology. They both agree that they like to give gifts to others and seek well-being for their family. It's his extra way of saying "I love you."

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