Zuberoa Jatetxea Restaurant (Oiartzun)

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"The cuisine of Hilario Arbelaitz conquers the diner for its exquisiteness and creaminess. Delicate, unctuous, thoughtful, combined, succulent ... it projects known flavors in original combinations. His formulas have an immense construction process and, however, they are never sophisticated". the kitchen of Hilario Arbelaitz the critic Rafael García Santos.

We are facing one of the greats of Spain, his good offices are felt even in Madrid through the advice that Hilario does in the Bodegón. Undoubtedly, a protagonist of the revolution of Basque cuisine in its transition from traditional to modern today. It has been said of Hilario Arbelaitz that he is an example of well-updated classicism. Serious and low-profile man, who has managed to impeccably modernize the farmhouse kitchen with a magnificent product, mastering the cooking points and preparing incredible sauces.

The Zuberoa restaurant is located in the oldest farmhouse in the valley (over 600 years old), today transformed into an elegant and very prestigious restaurant with two Michelin stars. In the same diners enjoy a sensational wooden terrace and garden views and three dining rooms. A really attractive environment.

The same Restaurant defines its cuisine as tasty, imaginative, with strong contrasts, using the best products of the land. "Exquisite dishes with great creaminess. Gastronomic craftsmanship at the highest level raised with simplicity, craftsmanship and maximum solidity. Sublime sauces.

Some specialties: Txipiron onions; Sauteed broad beans, peas and xixas, Crispy crawfish and bacon salad; Lobster Stew, Monkfish Loin; Confit cod; Roast pig; Walnut cake with Mamia ice cream, Green apple water.

Wine list in keeping with the height of the restaurant. Far from unnecessary sophistication the service is diligent and familiar

Google Maps address and phone

Araneder Bidea, Iturrioz neighborhood. (20180 Oiartzun) 11 km. from Donostia-San Sebastián. Phone: 943 491 228

Chef: Hilario Arbelaitz

Menu / Recommended dishes

Txangurro with its gelée, pea cream and cavias. Roasted lobster truffle stew. Suckling pig confit with ginger. Mammy ice cream, walnut cake, pear compote and cream cheese. Crisp green apple water filled with fruit and mint ice cream. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: It is closed on Sunday, Wednesday, the first fortnight in January and the second fortnight in January and the second fortnight in Easter and October.
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2 stars9.503 suns

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