Using multiple multimedia devices at the same time can disrupt the brain

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This is how it affects the brain to use a mobile phone and a computer at the same time

Today it is very common to be watching television while browsing with your laptop and responding to messages on your mobile phone.

But did you know that this could be affecting your brain?

Multimedia multitasking, or the simultaneous use of multiple forms of communication media, is increasingly prevalent in today's society and has been associated with negative psychosocial and cognitive impacts.

Now a study, published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, has found that using multiple multimedia devices at the same time could be changing the structure of the brain.

Specifically, it seems that people who use with very often various multimedia devices to the Same time they have one less gray matter in the anterior cingulate cortex.

The anterior cingulate cortex is a part of the brain that plays an important role in a number of cognitive processes and in emotional control, especially negative emotions.

A reduction in volume can lead to poorer control of cognitive performance, negative socio-emotional outcomes (such as neuroticism), seeking new sensations and impulsivity.

In fact, some addictive disorders and social-emotional problems, such as depression, have been linked to a reduction in the gray matter volumes of the anterior cingulate cortex.

It remains to be determined whether individuals with a lower density of gray matter are more prone to multitasking due to their weaker socio-emotional regulation, or if, on the contrary, it is the excess of multitasking that can lead to structural changes in the brain.

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