Guess the future by reading your face?

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Physiognomy or the art of studying facial features

Physiognomy is an ancient Chinese technique which is based on the idea that by studying facial features, its character or personality can be known, including its future.

The face defines our age

It seems incredible, doesn't it? But not impossible for the Chinese. Is a ancient technique, that they use and that allows them to analyze their personality, the type of person we are, the type of life we ​​are going to have and our future. It is somewhat surprising, but it seems that the morphology of our face, our expression and our gestures, leave traces on our face, which allow experts to analyze and define us.

The Chinese divide our face into 3 zones

As we can see in the image above, each of these areas represents a part of our life. Just depending on how these 3 areas are, we are already determining if we will be more jovial and young or more serious and less spontaneous. We simply have to pick up a mirror, stand in a lighted room, and thoroughly examine our features.

Yin Yang

Zone 1: goes from the forehead to the brow line. This area represents our childhood and youth. If it is the biggest part of all, it means that they have had a very good and long childhood and youth.

Zone 2: goes from the line of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose. It represents your personal life and your maturity or middle age. If this part is the biggest, it will mean that the good is yet to come and that you have a lot of life ahead of you.

Zone 3: it goes from the tip of the nose to the chin and represents our old age or last stage of our life. It means that the most important thing has already been done and that great things are no longer going to happen in our lives.

Yin and Yang in the face

Yin and Yang on the woman's face

In Yin and Yang they are defined in our face. At Yin Yang aspect On our Chinese Horoscope page you can read much more about this topic.They differ from man to woman. He YINrepresents the feminine and negative energies, darkness, cold ...; he YANGrepresents the masculine and positive energies, light, the Sun ... Depending on how we have each side of our face, it will define us in terms of energies, femininity or masculinity, way of being, tendencies ...

  • Yes, we are women we have the YIN on the right side of the face and on the left we have the YANG that represents our masculine part and our relationship with man.
  • If we are men we have it on the opposite side as defined in these images and the Yang it is what represents them.

Yin and Yang on the man's face

Facial features

The eyes

Chinese doctors determine a person's health by looking into his or her eyes. They believe that the spirit of people is reflected in their eyes and in their gaze, as well as their energy: off, happy and sparkling, sad, tired, vital and energetic ...

  • They interpret that distance between the two eyes must be equal larger than the size of the eye, so that the person is normal.
  • They say that if the distance between the two eyes is greater, the person is very healthy, positive and calm.
  • They assure that if the distance between the two eyes is smaller than the eye, it is a very focused person

Meaning of the Eyes


For the Chinese, the size of the nose is decisive. Indicates the degree of probability that a person is rich or capable of making a fortune; and heals. For them if the bridge of a nose is big, they will be healthy and energetic. If they have the tip of nose big, they will have a good chance of being rich and having a lot of vitality

The size of the nose

The lips

The lips are another determining trait in people. In this case, the lips determine the communication skills that a person has. Some fine lips They will be more talkative, they will like to argue more and they will have more communicative power, than fat lips, who will represent charming people, with whom you can have pleasant and relaxed conversations.

The size of the lips


The shape of the chin is also significant. Indicates whether the person is strong enough to pursue and achieve their goals. If the chin is firm, well defined and upturned, they are. Otherwise they will not be able to set a goal and they will be carried away by what is coming into their life.

Man with upturned chin

The Shapes of the Face

For the Chinese, face shapes are defined by Element to which they belong (click on the link to find out what its element is), according to the Chinese Horoscope. The fact that one is Metal, Water, Wood, Fire or Earth, totally defines the facial shape. That is, a Chinese doctor, looking at our face, knows what our element is and how we are. Let's see, to what extent the elements affect us or define us.

The elements are decisive in the shapes of the face

We have to bear in mind that each of these five elements is related to a color, a cardinal point, a direction, a season of the year, planet, etc ... And they are closely related to two aspects: the ying and the yang (what feminine and masculine).

  • Water element: they are very ambitious, they have the round faceThey are personable, adaptable and friendly.
  • METAL element: they are balanced people, very stable, strong, calm, fighters and have the square face.
  • Wood element: they are lonely people, they love success and have the very long chin.
  • Fire element: they are very temperamental, with character, very strong, sure of themselves and with very pointed chin.
  • Earth elementThey are calm, stable, but at the same time they can jump, scream and get aggressive. They have the wide rectangular face.

Original source: Health on line Central

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