EasyJet bets on Madrid

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Apparently EasyJet wants to install a center in Barajas for the deployment of its cheap flights, an initiative that would have a great effect on the current offer in Spain and on the development of the competition for “Low cost” offers.

EasyJet woos Barajas Airport

The new capacity at Barajas Airport in Madrid has sparked easyJet's interest. The company would aim to monopolize a large part of the areas freed by Iberia after its passage to Terminal 4.

EasyJet appears to have taken seriously the choice of Madrid as the hub for a new operational base for its flights in Europe. Previously, the company had considered the possibility of choosing other provinces (Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca…).

According to EasyJet, Madrid is the European capital with the most growth potential for cheap flights. Hence, this airline wants its new flight operations center in Europe to be up and running in 2007. To achieve this, easyJet has carried out a Development Plan in Barajas.

Its effects are intended to be similar to those achieved with Barcelona in the mid-1990s, with the arrival of cheap flight airlines in Catalan airports, on the occasion of the Olympic Games.

The model envisaged for Barajas would be similar to that of other capitals such as Milan, where this company recently created a base of operations.

EasyJet intends to manage its own spaces in Barajas

Esayjet wishes to carry out the management of its own spaces at Barajas airport. Esayjet's proposal to Aena for Barajas:

  • Esayjet undertakes to finance the remodeling of the facilities
  • Conversion of part of Terminal 1 and the adjacent spaces of T2 for cheap flights.
  • A 10-year concession in Barajas, conditional on achieving a certain volume of annual traffic throughout the duration of the concession.
  • In the first year, easyJet would commit to opening 11 new routes (eight international and three domestic) with 3 aircraft at Barajas airport, with a traffic volume of 1 million passengers 12 months after starting operations.
  • After three - five years, between 7 and 10 planes, 30 national and international destinations and 3 million passengers per year, consolidating itself as the first foreign airline in Madrid.

Potential benefits of choosing Barajas by esayjet

  • 600 million euros per year of contribution to GDP
  • 9,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region
  • 3 million overnight stays in hotels and short-term accommodations and 10 million hotel stays at the time the airline operates at cruise speed in Barajas.
  • Seasonally adjusted effect on tourism, attracting new travelers on weekends and summer periods.

EasyJet's London management will make the decision for its new base of operations after the summer. Madrid would be among the company's favorites, if its expectations of receptivity to its Plan are confirmed.Related topics, previous news about Easyjet, Barajas:

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