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Author of the book: SALOMON SELLAM
Title of the book: Allergies don't exist
Editorial: Editions B, 2011
Binding: rustic, 245 pages
ISBN: 978-84-666-4831-8

This book is especially recommended for the large number of people who suffer from ALLERGIES. Obviously one part is purely physical, but according to biodecoders, many or most others have their origin in emotional problems, which can be solved and eliminated.

The Biodecoding treats all physical problems, which Dr. Salomon Sellam has studied and treats, for many years. In this book he talks about the problems of allergies and tells cases and how he treated them through psychoanalysis with excellent results.

He Dr. Solomon Sellam is one of my favorite authors at the moment, for his innovative contribution and different from what we are used to. Normally, when we are sick, we go to the doctor, who studies the pathology and prescribes us some chemical drugs, which eliminate the disease or in the case of allergies, mitigate them while we have the outbreak. But it reappears if we stop treatment. This is our traditional medicine. Another different thing is the Biodecoding, which studies the psychological problem that may have been the trigger for this disease and treats it through psychoanalysis, regardless of the medications of course, but goes to the source of the problem that causes the allergy to treat and eradicate it.

We have several good biodecoders: Salomon Sellam, Enric Corbera, Rafael Marañón, Alberto Martí Bosch, Raúl Durán, Juana María Martínez Camacho, Ricardo Rodulfo ... Which are having great success worldwide, due to the effectiveness of their theories on biodecoding and the transgenerational, and its psychosomatic treatments.

For Dr. Salomon sellam Allergies are a psychic phobia, which arises in contrast to a physical phobia, which causes “the allergy” to appear in our body, which tries to avoid the memory of something painful of an emotional nature. It would be a psychosomatic reaction of our body to an emotional trauma. Then, according to his theory, we look for the triggering trauma and we treat it through psychoanalysis, causing the emotional response that triggers it to be released, thereby reducing the symptoms and eventually disappearing.

According to Sellam, the subconscious detects the threat of said trauma, which triggers a physiological response to avoid the traumatic memory (allergy). How does Salomon Sellam solve it? It analyzes the individual, detects the trauma, analyzes it, treats it through psychoanalysis and once the emotional problem is resolved, the allergy will have disappeared.

Who is Dr. Salomon Sellam? He is an Algerian psychiatrist and resident in Paris, who specializes in Psychosomatic Medicine, Biodecoding and Relaxation Therapy. He was the creator of Psychosomatic Medicine in the year 2000 and since then he has worked and developed the whole problem of the transgenerational, or in other words, of Biodecoding or genetic biology. He lectures, writes specialized articles on these topics, and has become a highly successful book writer.

100% recommended. I am of the opinion that you have to dare are innovative that makes sense. When traditional medicine has already been tried and never goes away, why not look for another option.

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