The 10 best phrases of Prince Felipe, future King of Spain

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This time we will review the phrases of this man, Felipe de Borbón y Grecia, so far exemplary who will be the King of Spain with only 46 years.

10 phrases of Prince Felipe, future King of Spain:

  1. Nothing and no one can compensate the many victims of the terrorist scourge for the irreparable loss of their lives, for the suffering caused by their injuries or for the painful mark left by their scars. (International Congress of Victims)
  2. I firmly believe that the fraternal feelings generated throughout many centuries of coexistence are very present among us; of sharing deep family and historical ties, so many emotions suffered or enjoyed collectively, together.
  3. Catalonia is what the Catalans want it to be. (Parliament of Catalonia)
  4. Many times we forget that the most solid asset, the greatest asset that we have is our people. Spanish society as a whole.
  5. The way is to strengthen our institutions, because through them the solutions that citizens expect can and should be articulated. But we must also seek moderation where there have been excesses; ethics where there has been abuse.
  6. We are a kind of public service where you have to be at any time of the year at the service of your country. And there is room for many things. My whole life has been directed to that.
  7. What worries me most is that the Spanish know me; if not, nothing would make sense. I want to get to know my people more and more, and for them to get to know me and have an exchange of information between us about what they are like and what concerns them and what I can do for my country.
  8. If at the beginning of the last century Europe was the solution to Spain's historical problems, at this time - and for the future we aspire to - it is essential to advance resolutely and in solidarity with the European construction, which is today at one of the most decisive crossroads of its history.
  9. What we really need is to recover the illusion and hope that underpins any individual or collective success, like so many that we have achieved in the last decades of our history.
  10. Unemployment, which is the most painful consequence of the economic crisis we are experiencing, hurts our dignity as human beings and constitutes our main concern.

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