Measurement of hazardous particles

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Measuring harmful particles in the atmosphere will soon be easier and less expensive for environmental scientists, healthcare workers and technology manufacturers, when aerosol maker BMI introduces ACCESS 9400 next year, notes the company's Vice President, Fred Brechtel.

Brechtel anticipates that ACCESS 9400 will be used in conjunction with other aerosol measurement methodologies or independently in many situations.

In addition to environmental testing, BMI believes the new product package will be valuable in the rapidly expanding field of nanotechnology, as well as in clean rooms and monitoring of silicone wafer manufacturing processes.

"The tools for monitoring worker exposure have not advanced to the same level as the accelerated use in consumer goods of highly engineered nanoparticles and nanomaterials," says Brechtel, Ph.D. of Atmospheric Sciences with 17 years of experience in samples of Particles, which is in charge of researching the company's product.

Industries that use nanoparticles in their products need tools to sample and verify nanoparticle properties during product manufacturing to ensure high quality. The new BMI product suite will meet the needs of industrial nanoparticle monitoring for diagnostic and worker exposure applications. The package includes a fully integrated set of instruments useful for industrial customers who need to know the properties of their nanoparticles in real time.

Source: CEmag

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