Industrial Nanotech partners to distribute Nansulate Translucent

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Industrial Nanotech partners with a European distributor to reach the English consumer

Industrial Nanotech Inc., a company specializing in product development and innovation in nanotechnology, is pleased to announce that the Company has received an order for 300 gallons of Nansulate coatings, including Nansulate HomeProtect, the company's newest product, which provides a energy saving and mold protection for commercial and residential buildings. The products have been purchased by an English subsidiary of Kologen, Ltd., a distributor of Industrial Nanotech in Istanbul, Turkey.

This international order is the second major order for Kologen. Previously, Industrial Nanotech reported an order for 800 gallons of Nansulate Translucent placed by Kologen Ltd. This order was actually for 950 gallons as the original quantity advertised did not include the sale of the complementary Nansulate TopCoat and NanoPrime products, designed to provide the better sealing and protection results for Nansulate Translucent coatings.


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