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Today I share with you phrases from executives, for all those who are or hope to be in the future here are some advice given by excellent executives. Executive phrases.


  • Good executives don't put off until tomorrow what they can get someone to do today. Maxwell)
  • There is only one boss: The client. (Sam Walton)
  • The ability to focus and use your time well is everything. (Lee Lacocca)
  • Executive: is the ability to decide quickly and get someone to do the job. (Earl Nightingale)
  • Ethics must start at the top of an organization. It is a question of leadership and the chief executive must lead by example. (Edward hennessy)
  • There is more credit and satisfaction in being a top-notch truck driver than a top-rated executive. (BC Forbes)
  • An executive is a man who decides, sometimes he decides well, but he always decides. (John Patterson)

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