Album of the year: Lost in the dream, by The War on Drugs.

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It has been on the market for a month, and "Lost in the dream" is on its way to becoming one of the best albums of 2014. The War on Drugs are confirmed with this third album as one of the bands with the most future in American and world indie , surpassing with Lost in the dream his previous album Slave Ambient, something that seemed very, very complicated.

Why listen to Lost in the dream?

As we said, if it is not the indie-rock album of the year, it will not be far. The digital magazine Time Out describes it as "the best rock album in years", and although it is not necessary to go that far, it is true that the work is round, very well produced, with a touch ofBruce springsteen that convinces from the first to the last song.

There are no bugs to mention on the disc. It is not a perfect work, but it is not very far from it either. Recorded in a low profile (melancholic, perhaps), everything seems to fit: drums, guitar, piano and, above all, voice. An album to let yourself be carried away over and over again.

How long will I listen to Lost in the dream?

Maybe all your life. We are talking about an album that, from the beginning, is considered a masterpiece. A well-polished jewel, with a hole in the shelf where you keep your musical relics and that from time to time you want to listen to it again.

Under the pressure" and "Red eyes"They open the album in a sublime way, and although we may be looking at the two best songs from" Lost in the dream ", the rest of the songs do not disappoint. "An ocean between the waves“, “Burning"Or the more conventional"Eyes to the wind”Are also very remarkable in a work that, as we said, does not clash at all as a whole, and that will make you enjoy days and days of good music.

Video: The War on Drugs - Red Eyes Official Video

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