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Sweden is beautiful, very easy to meet in the woods with beautiful moose, deer and foxes.

Besides the spectacle reserved for the months between May and July, the midnight sun, and that dark winter, characterized by the lights of the dim candles, Sweden is a romantic and mysterious country.
Besides being the most populous Scandinavian country, it is the fifth largest country in all of Europe in terms of territory.

Passport and visas

All those who decide to visit Sweden, and belong to the European Union, will need an identity document or passport, of course, it must be valid and not expired, the visa will not be necessary, while for those who are not members of the EU, it will be required.

We offer you the address and telephone number of the Spanish Embassy in Sweden:
Address: P.O.Box 10295, 100 55 Stockholm
o / y Djurgårdsvägen, 21, Djurgården.-11521 Stockholm.
Phone: 667 94 30.
Fax: 663 79 65.


Sweden is a country that apparently does not like to get up early, therefore, shops and even banks will open from 09.00 in the morning until 18.00 from Monday to Friday and from 09.00 to 16.00 on Saturdays. Lunchtime in Sweden is between 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. and the evening hours are usually like in the rest of Europe.
The time zone is GMT + 1


Swedish is a language that belongs to the Nordic languages, along with Danish and Norwegian. It is not an easy language, neither to learn nor to pronounce, adding the differences between the different regions, which make it even more complicated.

The coin

Sweden belonged to the EU, but they did not want to adopt the Euro as their currency, so they kept their currency, the Swedish crown, known as Krona in Sweden.
1 Crown is equal to 100 öre.
We find both coins and bills:
Coins, from 10 öre to 10 crowns.
Banknotes from 20 crowns to 1000 crowns.
10 crowns = € 1,052
€ 1 = 9,502 crowns


Sweden has one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world, typical of the Scandinavian countries, the midnight sun can be seen in the period between the end of May and the end of July. It is important to know that darkness prevails in winter.
The best time to visit Sweden would be in July, where maximums of 22ºC are reached near the thing, while in the mountains the temperature does not rise above 11ºC, and temperatures can reach below zero with snowfall.

Area code of Sweden

The prefix is ​​number +46, which must be placed in front of the number.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and only that city has 4 airports:

  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
  • Stockholm Bromma (BMA)
  • Stockholm Skavsta (NYO)
  • Stockholm Vasteras (VST)

Besides those, Sweden has several airports such as:

  • Örebro airport
  • Kiruna airport
  • Gothenburg City Airport

Cheap flights to Sweden

To travel to Sweden cheap you must book the flight in advance, the more you anticipate, the cheaper it will be. We offer you some pages where you can find low cost flights to Sweden - Cheap flight companies in Europe. See also: Cheap flights news: Easyjet flights to European cities.

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